Alconbury Weald website goes live

We are really pleased to see our latest project go live! The website for Alconbury Weald – a huge 580 hectare development in Cambridgeshire for Urban&Civic.

On the site of a former airfield, the ambitions for the development are quite amazing – a 20-year project in the making. This first phase of the website has been developed to facilitate the planning process – being involved at such an early stage has been really exciting, though a difficult design task with few pictures, plans or reference on how the finished development will look!

Taking the brand developed by Northbank Design, we created a huge carousel on the homepage to suggest exploration and create the feeling of space and interaction – two key touchstones. We wanted this page to have a familiar and friendly tone, and encourage users to ask questions and interact with the website in a simple and playful way. The search option is presented in a black overlay to increase the users’ focus and prevent them from distractions. Throughout the website we wanted people to be inspired about the idea of Alconbury Weald and get involved to help make it happen – to create an experience that excited the user enough to believe in the development and drive the plans forward.

The content of the website explains the heritage of the airfield, features an interactive timeline of activity to date and also a map with the option to measure distances so people can not only appreciate the scale of the development, but also see how closely they will benefit from all the facilities it will offer. The library is home to all the plans, applications and designs to date so people can see the extent of the work that is taking place. With a community section that will expand over time, plus latest news and events, the website will become a real information hub for people to keep track of what’s happening.

We can’t wait to see how Alconbury develops and the next phase for the website too – have to look at to see for yourself how this inspiration development unfolds.

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Kate S