Fully responsive Drupal website on a budget

Our first year on year comparison delivered the following results:

  • +1,171% Fundraising resource downloads
  • +288% Schools resource downloads
  • +972% Schools page views
  • +196% Corporate page views
  • +974% Build a School page views
  • +823% Building Livelihoods page views

The Challenge
Build Africa work with rural communities in East Africa to help young people escape poverty by providing them an education that will enable them to financially support themselves and their families as part of a vision for a sustainable future.

They needed a fully-responsive website that would clearly communicate the charity’s proposition, provide access to rich compelling content, and provide clear and easy to navigate calls to action that will connect users with the charity and enable them to support it how they see fit.

The Solution
We worked closely with the key stakeholders at Build Africa to understand more about their audience and the content needs. Their existing payment gateways were not up to scratch so we spent some time reviewing the market for the ones with the best experience in both mobile and handling GiftAid applications (an interesting process which highlighted some considerable shortcoming in that marketplace).

During our discovery phase, it became clear that Build Africa understood their audience incredibly well and already had a great content strategy in place, so for us the project emphasis changed and this project became more about creating them a great website (on all devices), getting the taxonomy right, and delivering them as much of their desired functionality as could be delivered within their limited budget.

The outcome was a well-received, fully responsive Drupal based website that was the perfect platform for them to communicate and engage their audience — without breaking the bank.