Engaging supporters online — and winning hearts and minds internally

First half-year results (year-on-year comparisons):

  • +164% Regular giving (17 to 45)
  • +122% Individual donations (136 to 302)
  • +£240,000 New grant awarded
  • +342% Newsletter subscribers (31 to 137)
  • +69% Website visits (17,134 to 28,968)
  • +1,043% YouTube visits (891 to 10,189)

With limited resource, Hope and Homes for Children’s website is a key marketing tool which needs to work hard to inspire action. We worked closely with them to understand their strategic aims and created an achievable approach that would get results.

We balanced needs of supporters with those of other stakeholders to keep the project focused on objectives and defined clear project phases with agreed deliverables, which helped manage internal expectations.

Clearly communicate the values of the brand and the work that we do
A new structure means users can find relevant content easily, but we have maintained the detail that is key to the charity’s story. The site is now really easy for HHC to update, so content stays fresh and gives supporters a reason to return.

Increase interaction
Bold promos are used to encourage event sign up or to find fundraising groups and we made newsletter sign up and social sharing prominent for those starting a deeper relationship with the charity.

Increase donation levels
Throughout the site we balance ‘the ask’ with ‘where your money goes’ and the work HHC do to build motivation. We also streamlined the donation process to for a quick and simple user experience.

Create a website to act as the core marketing channel for the charity
The combination of increased donations and ease of use has signaled an internal change in attitude towards the importance of the website and improved cross-team working. This has relieved pressure on the comms team and means the site benefits from departments taking ownership of their sections and keeping their content fresh.