Enterprise level Drupal website for fast growth social enterprise

Below are some results for the first 5 months:

  • 305,672 Sessions / 61,194 User sessions per month average
  • 1,084,504 Page views / 216,900 Page views per month
  • 4,128 Golf Bookings / 825 Golf bookings per month average
  • 7,903 Leisure Centre Bookings / 1580 Leisure centre bookings per month average
  • 1,358 New Leisure Centre Memberships Processed / 272 New leisure centre memberships per month average
  • 133 Health Service Sign Ups / 27 per month.

The Challenge
Mytime Active is a large, fast growth social enterprise operating in the preventative health services sector. They operate a number of large leisure centres, golf courses, and devise and deliver interventional health services for adults and children such as smoking cessation and weight management.

Mytime Active customers are quite literally cradle to grave. The existing Mytime Active website was the principle digital platform for the business and was woefully inadequate and damaging to the brand. As well as this, as a fast growth organisation principally comprised from three different aspect of health care, there were significant challenges in integrating with their legacy CRM and booking systems for each area.

From a user perspective, their customers expect to be able to review and book services on desktop, mobile and tablet, and for the experience to be easy and simple. Mytime Active needed a solution that was customer focused, for all of their users — whilst strengthening their brand and enhancing awareness of their other services through cross promotion.

The Solution
There was a huge amount of research required, with a lot of technical investigation, due diligence, and stakeholder engagement to investigate exactly what the desires for the project were and where any limitations laid. We researched the user base, the business, top tasks, the technical integrations required, and balanced all of them against the brand ambitions.

We brought the different service offering’s brands into a cohesive suite for the website — creating a design system that allowed services to be both individual, but also part of the whole Mytime Active brand. Top tasks for each service type were then prioritised within the website allowing users to easily complete the most common tasks for the desired service, resulting in the best possible user experience.

There are a number of legacy systems that the site integrates with, including a leisure centre management system, golf booking systems and a membership CRM. Our use of the open-source Drupal platform for the website’s CMS meant that these could all be integrated effectively using their respective API’s with no extra licensing requirement.

The result is a fully responsive website that reflects the brand values and ambition correctly, but more importantly allows users to do the thing they need to be able to do easily. This is phase 1 of a number of phases as Mytime Active continues to evolve the digital experience they offer their customers.

The Results
This is a recent project so it’s too early to call with any integrity, but all the vital signs are that it’s delivering considerably more memberships and online bookings, bounce rate has dropped considerably, and the experience is being well received. We look forward to reporting the stats on this project in due course.

“Positive supported and led us through the process of understanding our previous digital footprint and planning an effective and attractive website all the way through to the final completion and launch of the website. They were there every step of the way to provide insight and experience allowing us to make the best decisions to make the website work for our customers.

Overall we now have a bigger, better, faster, prettier, more structured, more functional and more effective digital proposition. ”

Nick Wright, Mytime Active