The four R’s of being smart with digital
— Reach, Retention, Results, Roles

  • Positive were approached by Send a Cow in 2009 to develop a website and online catalogue
  • Our relationship has since grown and we’re now their sole digital partners, involved in all their digital from the creation of their marketing strategy down to the detail of their websites and campaigns

A big issue for charities is how to use digital to reach new supporters through brand awareness, direct appeals or advocacy. We created Send a Cow’s first integrated profile-raising campaign, which was noticed by the UN, Sofii and UK Fundraising (and put Send a Cow into the consciousness of thousands of people).

We work with Send a Cow across web, social and email to keep their supporters engaged through targeted, timely and relevant digital comms. Always looking for new opportunities to maintain the relationship and increase levels of support.

Playing it too safe doesn’t work in the fast-moving digital space particularly in the crowed charity sector where charities continually need to find new ways to engage supporters. However, investing in new digital activity can be daunting (and hard to sell in internally).

We help Send a Cow stay agile by trialing, testing and evolving their digital presence. This means minimising spend until we see results and ensuring that limited budgets are only spent on the channels and activities that will make a difference.

Complex departmental structures have diverse needs and varying audience objectives. This can lead to departments operating without the joined-up thinking required to achieve results. We have helped Send a Cow overcome this through regular stakeholder engagement, cross-team working and knowledge sharing.

Our digital strategy focused on providing an overarching strategy, which gave departments ownership and roles within digital and utilised internal skills without dilution of brand message or duplication of effort.