Engaging new charity supporters using rich content

After its first formal review (6 months after live) we’re pleased to display these fantastic results:

  • +29% Increase in blog traffic (43,000 pageviews)
  • 5% drop in bounce rate
  • 15% drop in the exit rate
  • 40% Increase in social media followers (18,000 followers)

The Challenge
The Children’s Society were aware of how important their blog is to their overall content strategy: blog readers are more likely to support the charity’s work – they visit more pages, spend more time on the website and are likely to have arrived by way of social media.

Yet they were experiencing high bounce and exit rates among new users, who were overwhelmed by the breadth of activities undertaken by the charity. They wanted to easily understand what The Children’s Society did, where their money was going and how to get involved.

To create an effective blog we needed to reduce the bounce and exit rates, improve shareability and capitalise on this audience by making it easier for them to get involved with the charity’s work. The Children’s Society had ambitions to build a strategy around creating blog content that is timed to support external communications and social media sharing, but its simple blog with tag-based filtering was making it a challenge to communicate with its followers.

What we did
Our user review allowed us to carry out detailed research and user testing across desktop and mobile with the blogs target audience – including fundraisers, volunteers and campaigners. We responded to audience feedback by breaking the charity’s work down into categories and featuring more personal stories. We used rich content, such as quotes and personalised calls to action, to make the blog easily shareable on social media and allow readers to easily get involved in the charity’s work.

Clear and attractive design encourages readers to explore the blog, and we capitalised on this growing audience by introducing readers to further content that was suited to their specific interests. The result is a blog that provides a suite of rich content tools – clear CTA buttons, appealing links to related posts, tweetable quotes, and interactive graphics – that allow the charity to guide users to sign a petition, sign up for a fundraising activity or share the post on social media.