Creating a TRULY global digital presence

It’s early days with results as this is a new project, but our first formal review of the analytics after six months show some promising results:

  • +70.29s Average session duration
  • +89% Pages per session increase
  • -27% Bounce rate
  • +21% New users
  • -66% Average page load time

The Challenge
With 146 national Bible Societies across 200 countries and territories, United Bible Societies (UBS) are the biggest translator, publisher and distributor of the Bible in the world, working with all Christian churches and denominations.

UBS as an umbrella organisation had traditionally not been public facing, as normally the country’s own Bible Society is the key public contact point. However, UBS have ambitions to become more visible, having greater presence as the over-arching organisation whilst raising funds for individual country programmes.

The key objective was to increase website interaction and improve brand awareness through the use of easy to find, relevant and engaging content. The organisation had recently moved to Salesforce and had experience with using and developing in Wordpress so were very keen to find an agency who could; understand the nature of the challenge they face, undertake the necessary design and development, and deliver the critical Salesforce integration.

The Solution
Stakeholder interviews were undertaken with individual societies across every represented continent and denomination. This made sure we avoided cultural pitfalls and differences including the use of denomination specific artifacts to broadly demonstrate a Christian faith. As well as cultural considerations, the website also needed to attend to each of the 146 individual Societies themselves with every one having an appropriate level of representation on the website.

User denominations, socio-economic demographics and geographical locales were researched and considered for all tasks on the site. For example; in Western Europe users requesting a Bible are routed to the United Bible Societies online version as a primary route, African and South American users are directed to their nearest church to receive a physical copy.

The finished article is a fully responsive global website that responds to the context of both device and location, working hard with their content to engage their global audience.

“Positive’s combination of creativity and technical know how helped us create an exciting new visual identity for our brand, putting it into practise by redeveloping a more engaging and attractive website.”

Andrea Rhodes , Global Communications Officer, United Bible Societies