Creating a simple online presence for a complex organisation

The West of England Local Enterprise Partnership supports business growth by providing the infrastructure and training required and attracting people to the region. However most people don’t know what they do or why they are important, so the LEP needed a new site to explain their role to external (and internal!) audiences.

Clarifying the proposition
With some staff still unable to explain LEP’s role, we couldn’t hope to engage external audiences without first achieving internal consistency. So we worked closely with the project team to help them crystalise their proposition and how to articulate it to the public.

Giving everyone a voice
With so many stakeholders to consider, meeting their needs and gathering their opinions was key so we developed a detailed questionnaire to engage them early on (avoiding design by committee later in the process) and then consolidated the answers to define key objectives and refine the brief.

Defining the audiences
The questionnaires identified the audiences then we worked through each group to understand what they want from the LEP and what LEP wanted from them. The groups were varied with complex needs (from central government right through to members of the public) so we needed to make sure each one would find what they were looking for on the site and understand it in a way familiar to them.

Making the information simple and usable
By scrutinizing all content from the previous site to decide its future role and how it could be simplified, we created a clear structure. We made sure that any content that was best explained through a diagram or map was visualised, removing the need for pages of explanation, and we distilled the copy to create short, consumable pages where possible. The content was then contained within a simple, fresh interface, which supports rather than detracts from it.

“We gave Positive a challenging brief – we needed a new website that was professional and created the right impression with Government whilst being accessible, easy to use and welcoming to the general public.

Given these divergent objectives, Positive have produced a site which matched all of our needs, and delivered within our challenging timescales and budget. They exceeded our expectations by tailoring the site so it is equally impressive on a variety of different viewing platforms, and extended the new branding on to our linked social media outlets, both of which were above and beyond our asks.”

Peter Jackson, Director, West of England Local Enterprise Partnership